About Diamund Labs

Diamund labs is a network of web3 builders and enthusiasts,
advancing the education, integration, impact and
development of blockchain technology for the good of the

We are keen to educate and onboard a growing flow of
developers and non-developer professionals in web3, as we
gear towards bridging the knowledge gap and building real
time products thereby fostering blockchain participation and
adoption across our reach


Diamund Labs exists to help the blockchain technology ecosystem in Africa grow, develop,
and get more support.





Problems and Solution



Over time, Africa has, for the most part, always been on the receiving end of all the major scientific and technological innovations that have changed our world.

We’ll drive the young population into a major source of talent pool for modern technology, via our vast tech education schemes viz, courses, intensive bootcamps, workshops, events, etc. 

With our community approach, we seek to build & nurture a healthy active ecosystem of blockchain tech builders. Where building, incubating and growing viable real time products will happen in a supportive environment.

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